Environmental & Sustainable Features

REDUCE: We begin by reducing the energy a building uses, by conserving energy. Keeping the warm/cool air inside the building means we don’t need to condition it as much.

  • Historic Preservation: Part of thinking sustainably is acting in a socially responsible manner. Saving our connections to the past by preserving existing buildings saves energy from the production of new materials and from demolition and transportation of existing materials to landfill. The UN Energy Program estimates it takes 20 years’ worth of a building’s operational energy to offset the expenditure of its construction energy and materials. By saving the existing building, we are preventing two decades worth of pollution!
  • Air Tight Envelope: Did you know, you can reduce the amount of energy lost through walls by up to 40%, just by improving air-tightness? Tiny seams in walls allow warm air to escape in the winter. By sealing these, we can improve comfort, reduce the risk of mold, and reduce energy consumption.
  • Insulation: At Egale Centre, we will be using mineral wool insulation, wrapped around the entire building in an unbroken layer like a big, warm sweater. Mineral wool has several advantages over pink fiberglass batts. Mineral wool is fireproof, waterproof, resistant to mould, and more sound absorbent. Also, the way we will use the insulation reduces thermal bridging, cutting energy loss through walls by about 20%.
  • Windows: Every room at Egale Centre will have an operable window. That means we won’t need lights or air conditioning nearly as much. At the end of their day, our youth can fall asleep to a cool summer breeze, and wake up to birds chirping. We also plan on installing shading devices, so summer sun will not cause unwanted heatgain, yet winter sun will flood our rooms and warm our spaces.

REUSE: There is a lot of passive energy available for collection, either by harnessing the warmth of the sun, or the cooling of breezes. These are usually low-cost, and they last FOREVER without maintenance!

  • Healthy Interior Finishes: Off gassing can cause indoor air to be unsafely polluted, causing illness and irritation – both physical and emotional. Egale Centre aims to use no-VOC finishes and materials to ensure our residents can breathe clean, healthy air.
  • Barrier Free Accessibility: Ensuring all shapes, sizes, or abilities are welcome at Eagle Centre is of utmost importance. Our plan is to provide true barrier free access to all areas of the building, including building a new elevator to access our greenroof in the sky! This elevator is required by the building code.
  • Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling, and Energy Recovery Ventilation: Each room in the Egale Centre will have a thermostat, allowing every occupant to customize their level of comfort. This is important to ensure our residents stay happy and healthy, whether they are on the sunny side of the building, or the shady side of the building. We will be using ultra-efficient air source heat pumps, and radiant floor heating, to keep our spaces comfortable. We also use energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) to circulate healthy, fresh air throughout the building. ERVs keep indoor air free of contaminants and smells, and moderate humidity.
  • LED Lighting: 21st century lighting sips energy, while providing bright, natural light sources. Our residents and staff will stay productive and safe no matter what time of day.
  • Green Roof: Social enterprise will be a primary focus for our program. We want our residents to learn how to grow their own vegetables and plants, and use them to cook. Our goal is to give our youth skills that will mobilize them to become independent citizens. We want them to literally see the fruits of their labour. Or at least have a garden oasis to escape the city.

RECYCLE: Through reduction and reuse of passive energy, we have made an appreciable impact on energy and comfort. Finally, we use active systems to recycle energy into alternative forms.

  • Solar Electric Panel Array: Renewable energy has far fewer emissions than conventional energy, and it provides a more reliable, decentralized supply of power to our grid. Our solar panels will be installed as featured items in our rooftop garden, so our residents can learn about clean energy.