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Youth are coming out with their gender and sexual identities at younger and younger ages and for a startling number of these youth coming out means getting kicked out of their home. Studies in Toronto and New York estimate the proportion of LGBTQ2S youth in the homeless youth population at 21-40%. Traditional shelters are just not an option for many homeless LGBTQ2S youth. The risk of abuse, either emotional, physical, or sexual is too great and our young people are instead choosing to live on the streets.

When we open, Egale Centre will be Canada’s first and Toronto’s only facility which combines the counselling service of Egale Youth Outreach with transitional and emergency housing that is exclusively dedicated to homeless LGBTQ2S youth. Egale Centre will be a 17,500 square foot facility located at 257 Dundas Street East and will provide 25 transitional housing beds and 5 emergency beds.

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