Sinead Wills


  • commented on Contact 2018-06-18 15:30:03 -0400
    Good day!

    My name is Sinead and I live on Pembroke Street. I’ve been following the progress on the new Egale Centre and I look forward to seeing such a great new resource and hub continue to come to life. I’m also part of a start up called Woodsy. Our mission is to make use of the city trees that come down and currently go to landfill by connecting woodworkers with this beautiful hardwood, and also connecting local people and projects to local makers. From there, we’re going to contribute back to the green efforts in Toronto, creating a better cyclical model for our local trees!

    I thought I would touch base to see if you might be interested in incorporating some local wood into the Egale Centre project. Whether it’s a feature wall, a boardroom table, a sculpture, or any other wood item you may be imagining in your plans, we’d love to collaborate.

    Feel free to be in touch if you’d like to get together and chat more.