1 in 4 homeless youth in Toronto identify as LGBTIQ2S

For well over a year, the Egale team has been working to lay the strong foundation upon which the Egale Centre will be built.

There is a clear and urgent need for an emergency and transitional housing facility that is exclusively dedicated to Toronto’s homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, queer, questioning and Two Spirit (LGBTIQ2S) youth.


257 Dundas St.
Between Jarvis and Sherbourne

A safe and sustainable building

Egale Centre builds on the best practices of successful facilities dedicated to LGBTQI2S youth in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Paris and London. The resulting world-class facility in Toronto has been designed using the principles of dignity, community, and sustainability.


“There was a period of four months when I was completely homeless. I slept under the Bathurst Street Bridge. I avoided the shelters because I was afraid of being bashed. I tried to go to [shelter name omitted] but I left because of homophobic experiences. I just turned around and left.”

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